Lions Club International

Lions Clubs International
District 323-G2 2016-17


Date of Birth
Club Name
Mobile No.
Lion Thakurlal Rajput 01-May Lions Club Bhopal District Chairperson Work with other NGO 9302340514
Lion Rajendra Shah 01-May Lions Club Ujjain Kshipra District Chairperson Health Care for Student 9826266512
Lion Sunil Jain 01-May Lions Club Ujjain Mahakal President 9425092857
Lion Surekha Dubey 10-May Lions Club Ujjain Abhinav Couple Secretary 9630172284
Lion Gajendra Nema 10-May Lions Club Vidisha District Chairperson Anemia Free India 9826099550
Lion D.S. Dangi 10-May Lions Club Hoshangabad District Chairperson Urban Development 9425042368
Lion Rajendra Verma 12-May Lions Club Bareli I Vice President 9425494036
Lion Dinesh Yadav 14-May Lions Club Ujjain Gold Treasurer 9425092050
Lion Ashok Pariyani 15-May Lions Club Bhopal Couple Micro Cabinet Member Joint Cabinet Treasurer 9425023099
Lion Kamal Bhandari 15-May Lions Club Bhopal Couple Vice District Governor I GMT 9827006900
Lion Dr. Sanjay Jain 16-May Lions Club Bhopal Hilltop District Chairperson Guiding Lion 9424444195
Lion Kamal Maheshwari 16-May Lions Club Ujjain Mahakal District Chairperson District Ann Daan 9827350515
Lion Rajnikant Bakliya 17-May Lions Club Ujjaini Secretary 9425946735
Lion Jayant Daga 17-May Lions Club Bhopal Couple Micro Cabinet Member Bhopal Coordinator 9301102848
Lion MJF Dr. Parmanand Rajani 17-May Lions Club Bhopal PDG 9893053215
Lion Raj Saini 17-May Lions Club Itarsi Sudarshan District Chairperson Women Empowerment 9425039872
Lion Ankit Jain 18-May Lions Club Aashta Secretary 9893802655
Lion S.S. Chouhan 02-May Lions Club Sagar Secretary 9981688328
Lion A.V. Mahajan 02-May Lions Club Bhopal North District Chairperson Wild Life preservation 9981501335
Lion Pankaj Bhatnagar 02-May Lions Club Ujjaini President Lions Quest Co-Coordinator 9827072389
Lion Amol Jain 20-May Lions Club Hoshangabad District Chairperson Centennial Award 9425693700
Lion N.L. Vishwaranjan 20-May Lions Club Sagar Treasurer 9827370742
Lion Alpna Bindra 21-May Lions Club Bhopal BHEL I Vice President 8878923620
Lion Narendra Singh Saluja 21-May Lions Club Harda Amber District Chairperson Children Day 9826643131
Lion Renu Gudha 21-May Lions Club Bhopal Couple Treasurer 9425606401
Lion Brajendra Tiwari 21-May Lions Club Bhopal Secretary 9827232817
Lion Sushila Prasad 23-May Lions Club Bhopal Glorious District Chairperson Population Control 9425605176
Lion Abhay Sethia 24-May Lions Club 0 District Chairperson Dist. Sight Prevention & Awareness 9826026713
Lion Mandeep Singh Saluja 24-May Lions Club Harda Amber I Vice President 9425042124
Lion Pankaj Agresh 25-May Lions Club Ujjain Classic I Vice President 9827555304
Lion Ram Lakhan Yadav 26-May Lions Club Sagar Smart Region Chairperson Region 7 9425451292
Lion Shyam Pandey 26-May Lions Club Sagar District Chairperson GLT Member 9479033040
Lion Ravi Saxena 27-May Lions Club Bhopal District Chairperson GLT Member 9827044599
Lion MJF Gurmit Singh Chhabda 27-May Lions Club Bhopal Lake City PDG 9074605609
Lion Rajesh Bansal 28-May Lions Club Ujjain Dynamic District Chairperson Time Management 9826076607
Lion Suresh Malviya 03-May Lions Club Bhopal Young Campus President 9425372013
Lion Tafheem Beg Mirza 04-May Lions Club Khachraud Shri Sai President 9826617568
Lion Arun Khare 04-May Lions Club Bhopal Vijeta Secretary 9303118686
Lion Gopal Vijay Vargia 05-May Lions Club Rajgarh President 9425097963
Lion Jayant Paul 08-May Lions Club Ujjain Micro Cabinet Member DG Visit Coordinator 9827077709
Lion B.C. Jain 08-May Lions Club Bhopal PDG Chief Advisor 9425008221
Lion Rajendra Vijayvergiya 09-May Lions Club Ujjain Kshipra Zone Chairperson R2:Z3 9826355035